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women’s world cup 2015

women’s world cup

The world cup tournament in Canada will not be the best for Africa. after what will be remembered as a short trip. with the best performance for the Cameroon team. It is to early to look for the reasons of this low performance. Women’s soccer is not popular in Africa, and elsewhere. In Cameroon there is no league for women football. some organised event here and there as entertainment. Most men attend this venue just to eye the opposite sex. Is just like a window where they can spy girls. The women’s world cup was just this kind of event. With the major European league on holiday. You will expect women football to have all the football fans attention. The only country interested in the tournament are those playing. You will need cable TV to watch the games.

women's world cup

copa america 2015

with the copa the america going on what do you expect? world first class star are playing this event. mega stars like messi, neymar and others. playing women’s world cup at the same time does not help. the time matches are played is lake for Europe and Africa. mostly late night matches and you need to give viewers a sound reason to stay awake. Not just beautiful women running after the ball. when your country is part of the football team taking part you go for your flag. there is still a long way to go to make women football appealing. The girls representing Africa did great. we can only put our thumbs up. for a continent without a real football league. African football team are able to play against the big ones. when it comes to women sport you get to make more efforts. Against you culture, your family and your physical condition. For all those who spend sleepless night to support the girls thank you. the women’s world cup like the men world cup are to to built fraternal links in the world ecosystem.

marathon in Africa for world record?


marathon in Africa for world record? Why the continent which produce the best marathon athletes will set the best time for the discipline ever seen before. The Africans warriors set to fight in Africa the land of their ancestors. Running have been since the done of Africans a natural. Evolution shows how we stop running with modern time. In the past we needed to run for fear, or escape from a danger. African run till today to hunt for their food, like to escape from will animals.
From this base the people will perform better in the usual environment. Bekele and Selasie with proper training condition would perform at the most in Africa. The problem is to find finance to organize and sponsor the event. London, Paris, New York, Boston etc… can afford to organize a marathon but in Africa no country seems to have that much interest. After all in Africa football is the number sport and government will support football. The marathon can not generate the same amount of money like football. But if a country like say Nigeria organize a marathon like an African cup of nation. The interest will grow and the country will not only be mention about corruption, and boko haram.
I see country with vision like cote d’ivoire doing a great meeting instead of Nigeria or Kenya. Ethiopia mighty of the mighty in athletics can not hold a competition at international level. Africa want to make clear that in marathon we are the best. For a reason we perform discretely in swimming, fair enough. Africa still have marathon to take the dominant position. Many reasons have been given why? but the fact is we are just very good at running. Like some white jokes, African are used to runaway from lions. Africa and the world are waiting for that moment when African will set the world record at home.

africa marathon the world best marathon