Covid-19 in africa

Covid-19 in africa marketplace. What was though to be the end of the dark continent. Finally happens to be just an anecdote. With hunger , aids, ebola, meningitis, cholera, covid-19 have no share in african deseases market. Covid-19 finally happens to b just an anecdot. With hunger , aids, ebola, meningitis, cholera, no space is available in african desease market.

Television with covid-19 in africa, ebola patient images of children and adult wearing mask. Ebola was 100% deadly disease. menigitis is still and cholera. what is the big deal about covid-19? covid-19 originated out of africa. for once africa is not the downfall of mankind. Asia is today but guess what, the marked are all from africa. coming from the continent you are just as a virus itself. covid-19 in africa remain low compare to ather part of the world.

From Sudan to south Africa and Senegal to Djibouti virus are on the run. All of them, not only the covid-19. Be aware of the other diseases which might affect your daily life. Leave the covid-19 to the foreign country. The world is not s level place. What affect Europe and America might not have impact I Africa.

Nobody talked about the lockout during Ebola break.

Nobody did with dengue. Now you want people to stay in for covid-19 when Covid-19 in Africa have no real impact that is a fact. Stop scaring the local population in the daily struggle. The continent is lacking behind and need to work to close the gap. When you feed your people, you can cure them, that’s a better medecine.

Let’s work for the hunger prevention.

It makes more sense. We don’t need lockout we need jobs to earn a living. In Africa, in Asia and elsewhere. Don’t use the fear factor just to control your population. Use the human factor, thru communication. What is social breakout for? Family torn apart, friends, colleague. This make any sense? we will revert the situation. good and healthy practice for a better change.

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