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Let’s go through the list of the black continent popular television channels. africa 24 tv base in cote d’ivoire have live news all day. just like it competitors africable homed in Mali and afrique media tv from cameroon. We have to add the mighty ait to the list, the nigerian channels is the leader in Africa. Nta international the channel on satellite from the nigerian television authority. focus is made on nigerian leaving abroad. The cameroon crtv is also the reference in central africa for regional news. entertainment and sports fuel the tv all day long. But for entertainment a special chapter for digital congo. This private tv channel from DRC will turn you on anytime. Cote d’Ivoire have regain peace after a trouble period and you can confirm this on rti tv. with translated novelas in french just like the nollywood movies. You will miss very little if you stay tune. Ortb from the benin republic will even broadcast the obituary. Niger in the dry land of Sahara with telesahel will keep your day hot. Like wise ortm in mali. we cast the news in bambara and peul. so the population of a wide west african region can hear us. Rts and tmf from senegal do the same in wolof and djoula. its easy these days to hear a different language. you don’t need to see the game of thrones to learn the valerian language. with the african television present at website you can listen new soud and find languages similarities. In democratic republic of congo swahili program from rtnc television will have the range to Est africa. ktn tv kenya will have the reverse reach in all the people in the region. You see africa is not only ebola. slbc the sierra Leona tv can prove that. Many more televisions channels are ready and will join the list soon. stay tune at televisions