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Windows Cannot Find a System Image on This Computer

Windows Cannot Find a System Image on This Computer

How to fix Windows Cannot Find a System Image on This Computer? There are many different ways to get the fix. In my experience it was very hardworking. With some common sense and work around. I finally save the day.

Facts I have my windows server 2016 essentials on HP proliant server. I have 2 harddrives in raid 0.

One morning I found the server with the black screen…. Message… we found error in one of your harddrive and to prevent damage your array have been disabled.

Windows Cannot Find a System Image on This Computer
Windows cannot find backup image on this computer

When you get this message you fix or replace the faulty harddrive. You enable the array again and make use of your backup.

In my case I had the system set to make backup every day on our network drive. To me this will only cost the drive change I thought. Well I realise now how naive I am. How can anyone trust windows backup bare metal system if not … Just say naive.

To cut my story short, I tried all by the book…

1- Boot system from CD (windows server)

2- choose language

3- choose repair windows

4- choose troubleshooting

5- restore from backup image

Now the fun begins… If you have the harddrive attached to your system or connected by usb or like in my case in network. If you’re disk attached windows find the backup… Hoorah you are out of trouble. If not you will have to go to advanced and write the URL of your network drive…. Find backup and hoorah!!!

In my case it didn’t work. I even copy the WindowsImageBackup to root directory of USB drive. No backup image was found!!!! I could mount the image drive on my laptop!!!!

After all the wasted time and my boss on my neck… I made a new install 🙁 🙁 once system installed, I used windows virtual image. Mounted the backup and copy the files I needed to the new server. Just now I could convince my boss for a professional backup software.

whatsapp pay a chance for Africa?

whatsapp pay: an open door for african migrants?

money transfer system are taking a huge battle to control the niche. whatsapp pay is just one of them. The growth of the communication platform put whatsapp today as a key player. because of his use user base it can reach nearly everyone. in africa today is the first communication system. africa is not going to lack behind in this. migrant can be reach at any time free (provided you have internet…). in the cities of africa where internet is not longer an issue, the chats are non stop.

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learn how you could send money to your family with the app anytime. just like a simple chat buy a coffee to your friend and family, pay light, or phone bills. an opportunity to expand your help or small daily saving in africa. using your best app so far. social media will keep you in touch with your family. social media can also help you give a hand to the needy. social media. much company like western union or ria an many others. offer money transfer with a complicated system. you have to go to the office for the transaction. the receiver have to go to the office or bank to cash. whatspp could go go round this making possible direct cash. saving you time and money, within a secure system. No need to carry your credit card, with your passport or id card. If you have your mobile phone, you have cash with you. you can buy a meal to a friend, or just pay medical care. we know how urgent it can be to send cash in africa. the dad or mum is in hospital and there is no time to waste. with your app you will just send a text with the fund. We hope this will be good …
we support whatsapp for africa

bitcoin money transfert to africa

bitcoin money transfert to africa

How to use bitcoin money transfer to Africa or how to save money in your transactions. Bitcoin can now be change everywhere in Africa. This guide walk you trough every step. You also need to be aware of the volatility of everything digital. We move to another technology and always go for the latest. But the is if you want to transfer real money from country A to country B. bitcoin is a perfect option. The transfer can even be anonymous. You have no intermediary from the banking system. The value of your money is determine by the price in the market.
I have been making some saving to build my dream home. After some years of hard work I decided to get started. I could not carry a lot of cash travelling. immigrant use alternative money transfer system. The banking system is backward and the info will end to the tax office. To avoid this I stated buying my digital money. Because I was skeptical I only bought in cash. I mean to someone I could physically make the transaction with. You will be surprise how easy this can be. I when I bought enough bitcoins through different vendors. I bought my flight ticket.
In Africa I did the reverse process. The is that my money did not lose its value. I even had 1.1 average increase. My money was paid back to me in my local bank in Africa. I was not investigated to see where my money came from. In my tax statement there is no trace of this transaction. Now when I have some extra cash and I don’t want my partner to know about. I buy digital goods.
Very important advice though. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Everything digital, virtual is subject to the market. The offer and demand for digital money is universal.

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