Data protection in a connected world

Can you take advantage of the data protection law?

Data protection is the latest hot cake out there. you need to protect your phone, address etc. is this just possible? companies have been selling our data ever since. no government seems to want to stop that. But what your government want to is to prevent political use. yes you heard me. they don’t want you profile being used for elections. in other word to be kind of push.

How can you achieve the data protection? you can not. simply because you have to provide data for your search. you want local goods. you will have to tell the browser where you live. man or woman, you will have to specify. after that we want the browser to forget these data. because nothing is free out there. company keep this info. personalized or anonymous the info is used. to make the search faster for you. to make the search near your area. all this data create profiled goods, interest…

data protection a big lie

Data protection is just another way to inform you. Your data is being used, period. do not second guess. you must agree in the cookies policy. you give your privacy to the website. website want your phone number. website want your email. they also want to know fat about you. To recover your password. Your mobile phone is used to unlock website. this is more protection. taking control of all your data.

Sadly as it sound no more privacy. Your data are unprotected. you must know that. claiming ignorance is funny. government should know they allow this. there is no going back. because of the evolution, you will have to live. people know about your life more tan you. people you will never meet. the so called EU cookies law is just a lie. a very big lie.

Maduro and the International court soon?

Maduro to stand trial at the Hague?

Maduro the president of Venezuela is on fire. The US and so call free developed world want him out. The country is rich in oil an many super power are interested. The population is like in a horror movie. The basic necessity are not available. Population is on starvation. Because the president want to lead his people to economic freedom. Everybody will benefit from this freedom. The US I can understand but Canada? Huawei is being kick out of the market for these same reasons?

The EU has gone another step. You go back to the poll or we freeze your assets in Europe. And we make president an unknown and without election. EU and US do not need election to make you president. How can a leader be on fire in his own country and ask Maduro out? What is the new democracy mean?

Democracy, the government of people by the people, through election. The US last election was framed as irregular. So was the Venezuela election of Maduro. Because one is Venezuela while others are US, Spain etc… who is to stand and guaranty free and fair election? EU, US, Canada etc… the developed countries were as a reference before. Now when we have a negative or a result we do not like. We ask for another Brexit poll…

Venezuela is not at the first trial. Before they did not like Hugo Chavez. The US try a coup to overthrow his government. While trying the same action with Nicola Maduro, remember it failed before. Respect democracy, let the local population solve their issues. We all have issues, in the Eu, US, Spain, France… No country should get involve in others matters. Try solving your own issue and let Venezuela deal with theirs.

maduro, hero or dictator?
maduro, africa esta contigo

African footballer lowing performance?
African player performance down in Europe football? You could name Didier Drogba and Michael Essien in Chelsea FC. Samuel Eto’o of Barcelona. Yahya Touré on Manchester city, Adebayor in Real Madrid …. Football player wearing the African colours… Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana … Where African nations cup was deeply involved in Europe football. Thanks to Mane and Salah Liverpool the African voice is heard still…

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african life matters?

african life really matters?

Khashoggi who happens to be non african. He will get all the focus of the international community. The hague with all the judges for african matters. you have to take this case and prosecute. the responsible have to respond. this is not a genocide, its a murder. a murder in cold blood. killing a human like a goat is a genocide. life has the same worth. working for the press or not. politician or citizen, all murder are equal.
The so called international community has friend. saudi arabia is a friend country. therefore arabia can commit any crime. what kind of justice are we promoting? maybe this is just oil justice. business justice and friend. because we judge according to our relation. for friend there is a free justice. therefore as long as we remain friend nothing to fear.

The Khashoggi case

african fault?
The Khashoggi case is showing the politic of friend. I was asked once why there was no african spring. to spark and light democracy in the continent. because without the support of the west. they created a court in holland to judge blacks. we are judge and condemn by the same criminals. if you don’t stop a genocide you are a criminal. therefore you should be in jail in holland. the bad news is that they are not even prosecute. you need a name from the bush. a savage as some call you. you wont have the privilege to go to court.
Different kind of criminal. dictators are those ruling country alone. democracy is the govern of people by the people. democracy in arab is just democracy in haoussa. but in haoussa no matter what you do you are a dictator. in saudi arabia if you order a murder we look the other way. because we can not call a friend murderer.

Biya Paul dernier dinosaure?

biya a l'ere digitale
Biya en train de briguer son dernier mandat?
Le president Paul Biya est pret a reprendre son cameroun. Avec le pays entre les mains depuis plus de 30 ans. le vieux lion veut garder sa taniere. sauf intervention divine ce dinosaure va reussir. né avant l’invention de internet. sans aucune connaissance digitale, il aspire tout de meme a garder son siege.
les autres lions n’ont plus d’excuses. il faut faire partir le vieux. surtout ne pas ceder sa place a un autre vieux. Mugabe parti, Biya peut partir. le probleme c’est le prix a payer pour le deloger. faut-il balayer le palais presidentiel avec tout son contenu? avec astuces et patience pourra t-on vider le contenu? dans la republique des lions tous indomptables. une batalle de titan entre des fauves indomtables. une election ou un combat c’est juste la terminologie.
la course au palais de yaounde a ete eprouvante. apres des longues annees elle ressemble a un ultra marathon. et le president eternel un ironman. avec de la chance il ne se representera pas en 2025. mais alor pourquoi il fais les promesse de 2032? vous avez compris il va quitter le pouvoir. avec 99 un chiffre respectable. c’est la date qu’il s’est marque por vous remettre votre nation. paul tes concitoyens n’ont pas compris. tu vas aller dans toutes les reunions comme doyen. ou tu ne vas pas te presenter. la suisse c’est bien, tout le monde veut y vivre. mais toi tu vis en tant que gouverneur du cameroun. mais quelle cerveau. tous les camerounais sont fier de toi. la seule province de la suisse hors de suisse.
gouverneur de la republique en detresse. que vas tu offrir au anglophones? ils commencent a s’agiter. les complices tes banquiers. ils veulent la magouille en silence. c’est la france afrique tu comprends. le 22 octobre est-ce le jour ou la paix va abandonner le cameroun? Biya a toi de repondre.

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crtv news the africa

watch live television crtv news. see the latest news in Cameroon now with the election. will paul biya win the 2018 election? 84 years old seeking a new seven years term. africa is always at the bottom. progressive country like france have a young president. because youth being 70 percent of population. why should gran pa be in charge? he was born in 1933. because at the time there was no electricity. today we use solar energy. therefore the best will be for paul biya to step down. let someone else takeover. Cameroon and africa needs young leader. with new ideas and strength of young age. because new century will be for africa.

crtv news.

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China Africa forum Vs African union summit

China Africa forum to overtake the African summit?

The China African forum is overtaking the African continent summit. All the African leaders are present in Pékin for the event. Why are these leaders attending a forum in China? Is Pékin part of Addis Ababa? Are these 2 cities close? This is the African continent we are trying to leave to the next generation? A continent sold out to China? Before we talk about the win win economic development. Let’s talk about the exchange between African countries. Why to sell in China what could be sold to Nigeria? By from China when we could from south Africa? From Kenya or Tanzania? We should demand the leader who can not attend African summit. Please step down now!!! If any African country don’t worth your visit. You just leave Africa.

President present in China now that didn’t attend African summit, leave

And yet you are running a new campaign to be elected. How dare you insult Africa? If you are a billionaire you can visit and be friend to whom you like. You are a president you should represent your people. Migrants enslaved in Libya because you can not visit. But you go to China for aid? What for? Do plan to help your population? Why are they running away?

China African forum

Election presidentielle du Cameroun

Election presidentielle camerounaise

L’election presidentielle annoncé pour le 7 octobre 2018, les différents candidats affûtent leurs armes. Les candidats font les yeux doux aux électeurs. Qui va pouvoir après 37 ans de règne sans partage prendre les rênes. Chez les hommes ( animaux ‘superieurs’) comme chez les autres mammifères. La meute a un leader avec son organisation. La meute des lions camerounais cherche son leader, son président. Les candidats déclarés jusqu’à ce jour plus d’une vingtaine.

Les candidats à l’election presidentielle d’octobre:

Paul Biya

Paul Barthélemy Biya’a bi Mvondo, 13 February 1933, candidat du parti au pouvoir le RDPC. Il est au pouvoir depuis 37 ans âgé de 85 . L’un des présidents les plus anciens en poste au monde et le premier en Afrique. Fait à remarquer la modernisation du Cameroun reste un conte de fées. Il passe plus de temps en Suisse qu’avec son troupeau. Les conseils de ministre garant de la bonne gestion de l’état son inexistant. Chacun fait à sa tête jusqu’à ce qu’il soit remercié ou logé à nkondengui.

Adamou Ndam Njoya

Adamou Ndam Njoya, 8 mai 1942, candidat de l’UDC, eternel aspirant 76 ans. A la tête de l’UDC depuis 1991, il devrait peut être passer la main. Dans un match de football on parlerait d’un classique. Ce sera un duel de retraité 85 ans contre 76 ans. Leurs enfants devraient peut être prendre leurs place respective.

Maurice Kamto

Maurice Kamto, 14 fevrier 1954, candidat du MRC 64 ans. President de la commission du droit international des Nations unies, il veut servir son pays. Dans un pays sans loi, gangrené par la corruption dès l’enfance?

Joshua Osih

Joshua Osih, 9 decembre 1968, à 49 ans, candidat du SDF. Les temps ont changé dans le SDF. John Fru Ndi a finallement passé la main. De la même generation que le president français. Il pourra s’il est élu avoir un dialogue courant. Et non ces hommes agés qui continuent a penser que la jeunesse n’a rien à apporter.

Akere Muna

Akere Muna, 18 aout 1952, 66 ans, candidat du mouvement Now!. Avocat de reputation internationale. Membre du conseil anti corruption. Peut être l’ingredient qui manque à la sauce camerounaise. Saura t’il resoudre les maux de ce pays après tant d’annees?

Cabral Libii

Cabral Libii Li Ngue Ngue, 29 mars 1980, 38 ans. avec son mouvement UNIVERS, il compte être celui qui va remettre le pouvoir à la jeunesse. De loin la majorité en nombres…
election presidentielle
election presidentielle