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Covid-19 in africa

Covid-19 in africa marketplace. What was though to be the end of the dark continent. Finally happens to be just an anecdote. With hunger , aids, ebola, meningitis, cholera, covid-19 have no share in african deseases market. Covid-19 finally happens to b just an anecdot. With hunger , aids, ebola, meningitis, cholera, no space is available in african desease market.

Television with covid-19 in africa, ebola patient images of children and adult wearing mask. Ebola was 100% deadly disease. menigitis is still and cholera. what is the big deal about covid-19? covid-19 originated out of africa. for once africa is not the downfall of mankind. Asia is today but guess what, the marked are all from africa. coming from the continent you are just as a virus itself. covid-19 in africa remain low compare to ather part of the world.

From Sudan to south Africa and Senegal to Djibouti virus are on the run. All of them, not only the covid-19. Be aware of the other diseases which might affect your daily life. Leave the covid-19 to the foreign country. The world is not s level place. What affect Europe and America might not have impact I Africa.

Nobody talked about the lockout during Ebola break.

Nobody did with dengue. Now you want people to stay in for covid-19 when Covid-19 in Africa have no real impact that is a fact. Stop scaring the local population in the daily struggle. The continent is lacking behind and need to work to close the gap. When you feed your people, you can cure them, that’s a better medecine.

Let’s work for the hunger prevention.

It makes more sense. We don’t need lockout we need jobs to earn a living. In Africa, in Asia and elsewhere. Don’t use the fear factor just to control your population. Use the human factor, thru communication. What is social breakout for? Family torn apart, friends, colleague. This make any sense? we will revert the situation. good and healthy practice for a better change.

Data protection in a connected world

Can you take advantage of the data protection law?

Data protection is the latest hot cake out there. you need to protect your phone, address etc. is this just possible? companies have been selling our data ever since. no government seems to want to stop that. But what your government want to is to prevent political use. yes you heard me. they don’t want you profile being used for elections. in other word to be kind of push.

How can you achieve the data protection? you can not. simply because you have to provide data for your search. you want local goods. you will have to tell the browser where you live. man or woman, you will have to specify. after that we want the browser to forget these data. because nothing is free out there. company keep this info. personalized or anonymous the info is used. to make the search faster for you. to make the search near your area. all this data create profiled goods, interest…

data protection a big lie

Data protection is just another way to inform you. Your data is being used, period. do not second guess. you must agree in the cookies policy. you give your privacy to the website. website want your phone number. website want your email. they also want to know fat about you. To recover your password. Your mobile phone is used to unlock website. this is more protection. taking control of all your data.

Sadly as it sound no more privacy. Your data are unprotected. you must know that. claiming ignorance is funny. government should know they allow this. there is no going back. because of the evolution, you will have to live. people know about your life more tan you. people you will never meet. the so called EU cookies law is just a lie. a very big lie.

Maduro and the International court soon?

Maduro to stand trial at the Hague?

Maduro the president of Venezuela is on fire. The US and so call free developed world want him out. The country is rich in oil an many super power are interested. The population is like in a horror movie. The basic necessity are not available. Population is on starvation. Because the president want to lead his people to economic freedom. Everybody will benefit from this freedom. The US I can understand but Canada? Huawei is being kick out of the market for these same reasons?

The EU has gone another step. You go back to the poll or we freeze your assets in Europe. And we make president an unknown and without election. EU and US do not need election to make you president. How can a leader be on fire in his own country and ask Maduro out? What is the new democracy mean?

Democracy, the government of people by the people, through election. The US last election was framed as irregular. So was the Venezuela election of Maduro. Because one is Venezuela while others are US, Spain etc… who is to stand and guaranty free and fair election? EU, US, Canada etc… the developed countries were as a reference before. Now when we have a negative or a result we do not like. We ask for another Brexit poll…

Venezuela is not at the first trial. Before they did not like Hugo Chavez. The US try a coup to overthrow his government. While trying the same action with Nicola Maduro, remember it failed before. Respect democracy, let the local population solve their issues. We all have issues, in the Eu, US, Spain, France… No country should get involve in others matters. Try solving your own issue and let Venezuela deal with theirs.

maduro, hero or dictator?
maduro, africa esta contigo

African footballer lowing performance?
African player performance down in Europe football? You could name Didier Drogba and Michael Essien in Chelsea FC. Samuel Eto’o of Barcelona. Yahya Touré on Manchester city, Adebayor in Real Madrid …. Football player wearing the African colours… Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana … Where African nations cup was deeply involved in Europe football. Thanks to Mane and Salah Liverpool the African voice is heard still…

China Africa forum Vs African union summit

China Africa forum to overtake the African summit?

The China African forum is overtaking the African continent summit. All the African leaders are present in Pékin for the event. Why are these leaders attending a forum in China? Is Pékin part of Addis Ababa? Are these 2 cities close? This is the African continent we are trying to leave to the next generation? A continent sold out to China? Before we talk about the win win economic development. Let’s talk about the exchange between African countries. Why to sell in China what could be sold to Nigeria? By from China when we could from south Africa? From Kenya or Tanzania? We should demand the leader who can not attend African summit. Please step down now!!! If any African country don’t worth your visit. You just leave Africa.

President present in China now that didn’t attend African summit, leave

And yet you are running a new campaign to be elected. How dare you insult Africa? If you are a billionaire you can visit and be friend to whom you like. You are a president you should represent your people. Migrants enslaved in Libya because you can not visit. But you go to China for aid? What for? Do plan to help your population? Why are they running away?

China African forum

Corruption un fléau ?

Corruption un fléau, une épidémie ou simplement une mal curable.

l’Afrique à l’impasse de corruption mondiale. Sans être le créateur ou même le plus corrompu. Le continent africain souffre de ce malaise. les détournements et le favoritisme. L’égoïsme de la population, le manque de patriotisme. Supporters de football et patriotes sont bien différents.un vue sur le continent

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2, 3, 5 what these numbers tells us?

2, 3, 5 what these nunbers tells us?

June 2018 egypt, morocco, nigeria, senegal and tunisia to represent africa to the world cup tournament. millions of africans deposit hope on these squad to take africa to the top. years ago africa was represented only with two countries. a shame we cry!!!! this time with five all out in the first round!!! why? a friend told me this was a matter of luck. actually I can’t tell, the fact is the african participation went merely unnoticed. yes I know germany went home also early. Germany was the last wold cup winner…

afrrican football by numbers

football is the number one sport in africa and we need to claim that throne. the crown belong to us either we go for it now or we stop participating. The africa top 5 squads have to do better. egypt, morocco, nigeria, senegal and tunisia you were all able to top your group in afrcan competition. well done for that. as per world cup russia 2018, you went below avrage to be fair. No blame no hard talk, you did your best. just saying next time we want africa to be represented in the world cup tournament with 10 football teams. we have to think it twice. it is better to have a solid african team to claim the world cup than having plenty for disillusion.

african futball by numbers

more and more players from different african origin, will perform well. Germany, Italy, Austria…. african are everywhere. you are wright, no need to mention england, belgium or france. normal in africa we still defend those as part of the colonial empire. this is a footbal empire and let african player play for different country in africa. camerounian playing with france, yes of course. but why senegalese never play for nigeria? the african revolution is taking place let be part of it.

whatsapp pay a chance for Africa?

whatsapp pay: an open door for african migrants?

money transfer system are taking a huge battle to control the niche. whatsapp pay is just one of them. The growth of the communication platform put whatsapp today as a key player. because of his use user base it can reach nearly everyone. in africa today is the first communication system. africa is not going to lack behind in this. migrant can be reach at any time free (provided you have internet…). in the cities of africa where internet is not longer an issue, the chats are non stop.

africa news and media

learn how you could send money to your family with the app anytime. just like a simple chat buy a coffee to your friend and family, pay light, or phone bills. an opportunity to expand your help or small daily saving in africa. using your best app so far. social media will keep you in touch with your family. social media can also help you give a hand to the needy. social media. much company like western union or ria an many others. offer money transfer with a complicated system. you have to go to the office for the transaction. the receiver have to go to the office or bank to cash. whatspp could go go round this making possible direct cash. saving you time and money, within a secure system. No need to carry your credit card, with your passport or id card. If you have your mobile phone, you have cash with you. you can buy a meal to a friend, or just pay medical care. we know how urgent it can be to send cash in africa. the dad or mum is in hospital and there is no time to waste. with your app you will just send a text with the fund. We hope this will be good …
we support whatsapp for africa