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Free online TV channels

Free online TV channels

Free online TV channels are available at muntumedia.com. Watch African television live on our website totally free. On all your TV sets or mobile devices we have high quality stream for your device. You do not need to subscribe to watch you favorite TV channel. All you need is to visit us at muntumedia.com and click on your choice.
Our stream work regardless of your bandwidth. We have a large collections of free TV channels, you will certainly find the one to sweet your needs. Browse our library for your selection you will not be disappointed. We work with all African national TV channel to provide a premium quality content. If you find any abnormality please do not hesitate to report to our support team. Available online 24 hours a day, we work around the clock to make our service available all over the world.

Our main goal is to provide free online TV to the diaspora across the world. We achieve this with our adaptive stream capable of travelling across the Internet with minimum delay. You can now watch the national football squad of your country where ever you are. With the world cup soon to start in Brazil this is a great chance not to miss any football match. You can see your team perform live throughout the world cup 2014 competition. All the games as other TV program absolutely free online. You only need your Internet and any devices that can surf the Internet. You can imagine watching the green eagles of Nigeria vs Argentina free online.
Muntumedia stream also music channel with thousands of hours of dance and entertainment. African like to dance and here in our free TV channels you will find all the ethnic dance pattern. The African culture is at his most free online for those who are interested in the black continent. Always seen as a living proof of suffering, Africa has a lot more than disaster and civil war.
Subscribe today to our premium black entertainment at http://muntumedia.com

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TV Africa Online

Africa TV online

The media revolution its taking place in Africa. Many television are emerging both private and public. The state owe TV considered national television lack fairness. National television are a tool for government propaganda in Africa. The population is now reluctant to watch such television. Because of its politic impact many African countries did not allow free press.
The change is coming with the arrival of many private TV channels. Now the population have the choice of what to watch. No need for satellite dish to watch free TV. Like we watched CNN or BBC in the past, today in Africa people watch AFRICA24, Afrique Media, Africable. The numerous African news network now available in the continent. The private pan-African television has now become commonplace in media class homes across Africa.
Internet broadband speed is now shaping the new image of African telecommunication. Many African TV channel are now available online 24 hours. Making a wide reach worldwide through the African diaspora scattered in the world. Solution like muntumedia.com have pioneered the innovation making the latest reach African media. Now the African television is available on all android devices. The muntumedia African channel on roku is a proof of our commitment to be with the latest. We have made also possible the viewing of free television from Africa on apple devices such as appletv, Iphone and Ipad. And note muntumedia.com is not the only plate-form out there.
Will it be possible in a near future to unite all these televisions to create a global African television network? Its difficult to say. What can be said is that many pan-African free TV share news and content. The union will benefit all the parties if that was to happen. The movie industry will favor that union because it will have less distributors.

TV Africa

Afrique Media TV

bitcoin money transfert to africa

bitcoin money transfert to africa

How to use bitcoin money transfer to Africa or how to save money in your transactions. Bitcoin can now be change everywhere in Africa. This guide walk you trough every step. You also need to be aware of the volatility of everything digital. We move to another technology and always go for the latest. But the is if you want to transfer real money from country A to country B. bitcoin is a perfect option. The transfer can even be anonymous. You have no intermediary from the banking system. The value of your money is determine by the price in the market.
I have been making some saving to build my dream home. After some years of hard work I decided to get started. I could not carry a lot of cash travelling. immigrant use alternative money transfer system. The banking system is backward and the info will end to the tax office. To avoid this I stated buying my digital money. Because I was skeptical I only bought in cash. I mean to someone I could physically make the transaction with. You will be surprise how easy this can be. I when I bought enough bitcoins through different vendors. I bought my flight ticket.
In Africa I did the reverse process. The is that my money did not lose its value. I even had 1.1 average increase. My money was paid back to me in my local bank in Africa. I was not investigated to see where my money came from. In my tax statement there is no trace of this transaction. Now when I have some extra cash and I don’t want my partner to know about. I buy digital goods.
Very important advice though. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Everything digital, virtual is subject to the market. The offer and demand for digital money is universal.

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Free movies online

Free movies online

Today free online movies is a sound and straight forward way to watch movies. You can easily watch at home and no need to go the theater. The only requirements are a high speed internet connection and your personal computer. Free online movies are also available directly to your TV set with internet connection. Although all the places offerings free online movies are not legal. You have today many web sites with legal contents. It is also safe to use the legal stuff for your computer or TV. Some site might harm your computer and the repair will cost you more than the movie.
The big brand offer full movies mostly with commercials in between. You can easily find all genres of movies free. Drama, horror, comedy, action and many more. You can find that movie you loved years ago and love to watch again. No need of blockbuster affiliation, in the comfort of your home. You have no time limit to watch the movie. Just switch on your computer or connected TV and watch the free movies online. Many platform offer this service to mobile devices, roku, xbox, playstation.
With the death of DVD rental business, a new door was open. Now many companies offer video on demand (VOD). The main difference usually is the commercials interruptions in the free movies online platform. It is up to the user the level of commercials you are able to take. Do you want to pay $7.99 or you prefer free movies with commercials? It is your choice. Many free movies online are in standard definition. To watch in high definition a fee may apply. high-quality movies look spectacular in your big screen and worth paying the price. You can watch the same movies with friend or even share the movie. Subscribe now and watch your free movie at

free movies online

free tv::Africa TV channels

free tv

Free TV channel on muntumedia from different part of Africa. We have a network stream that let you watch free TV shows online. The most popular TV shows made in Africa can be watch online. You don’t need to subscribe to watch your preferred free TV channel. You don’t need to be in Africa either. What you need is you internet connection. From anywhere to any device, TV sets, mobile phones…
On your PC you don’t need to sign up. click on your preferred local TV channel and start viewing. We give you a big range of TV shows aired in Africa. Afrique Media channel, re-broadcast the news of every African country. Days are away now when you will not be aware of what is on your local TV station. The performance of your preferred African football team. The sports were your country is listed.
Lots of people don’t realize that watching TV from your country keeps you connected. You know the culture and the people on TV are your mate. With muntumedia streaming service you can now view free TV just like your family in Africa where ever you are. Discuss with your friends about the hot topics. This is a good way also to promote your culture. Talk about your country politics or social matters. virtually visit your home town on TV screen. To repeat an old say, picture talk more than words. And communication is the force used for development. The new generation have this advantage of TV and phone. Numerous websites have live TV channel today. Youtube the largest video network in the world have live TV channels. Major TV network also do, ABC, HULU, FOX. You can always find your favorite TV channel somewhere online. You need to search and try. Some will provide the service free while other will get paid.

free tv africa