bitcoin money transfert to africa

bitcoin money transfert to africa

How to use bitcoin money transfer to Africa or how to save money in your transactions. Bitcoin can now be change everywhere in Africa. This guide walk you trough every step. You also need to be aware of the volatility of everything digital. We move to another technology and always go for the latest. But the is if you want to transfer real money from country A to country B. bitcoin is a perfect option. The transfer can even be anonymous. You have no intermediary from the banking system. The value of your money is determine by the price in the market.
I have been making some saving to build my dream home. After some years of hard work I decided to get started. I could not carry a lot of cash travelling. immigrant use alternative money transfer system. The banking system is backward and the info will end to the tax office. To avoid this I stated buying my digital money. Because I was skeptical I only bought in cash. I mean to someone I could physically make the transaction with. You will be surprise how easy this can be. I when I bought enough bitcoins through different vendors. I bought my flight ticket.
In Africa I did the reverse process. The is that my money did not lose its value. I even had 1.1 average increase. My money was paid back to me in my local bank in Africa. I was not investigated to see where my money came from. In my tax statement there is no trace of this transaction. Now when I have some extra cash and I don’t want my partner to know about. I buy digital goods.
Very important advice though. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Everything digital, virtual is subject to the market. The offer and demand for digital money is universal.

bitcoin money

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