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maladie et developpement

maladie et le sous developpement en afriquemaladie et le continent noir

Le continent à l’ère de facebook, tweeter, instagram. cette fois l’afrique n’est pas restée dans son etat de retardataire. l’afrique a pris le train de la technologie en marche et se situe en bnne place. les insfrastructres se font encore attendre. mais aujourd’hui internet est laffaire de tous. whatsapp avec les appel gratuit, facebook, skype. Tous ou presque avec des telephones intelligents ( merci encore a la RPC). Il est alors possible d’avoir un telephone portable qui vaut le salaire quelques mois. peu importe nous sommes a la pointe. pourtant cela a unprix que nous devons payer. Alors il se pose la question suivante. si vous avez une reponse, n’hesiter pas. si tous nous pouvons depenser 5 dollars par mois pour le telephone. serions nous pret a depenser les 5 dollars pour une assurance maladie?

L’afrique est le reservoir de toutes les matières premières. les maladies en font parties puisque utilisé a des fins commerciaux. Toutes les grandes entreprises du monde de telecommunications sont la. Orange, Vodafone, MTN deploient des insfractrustres couteuses. Des investissements a forte rentabilité. pourquoi personne n’investit sur les hopitaux? dans les villes africaines les marchands ambulants avec les “medicaments” sur la tête. les gouvernement se font complice. mais pourquoi? des produits liés a la santé sont delicat. avec parfois des principe actif, des virus en etat de semi activité. quelle est al reaction de ses medicaments sur les patients? les vendeurs marchent librement en vendant un poison mortel. Il n y apas de post mortem sistematique comment saurons nous les causes du decès.

La maladie ebola a fait reagir la communauté internationale. par experience nous savons qu’elle n’est interessée par l’afrique que pour donner des leçons. nous pouvons courrir ver les nouvelles technologies. Le 3G, 4G, 5G… Il nous faut les hopitaux et les medecins. Pour avoir accès a des nouvelles frequences nous voulons en echanges des soins. Une maladie curable ne peux pas trouver une terre d’asile en afrique.
la maladie demande asile en afrique

online TV news

online TV news free

online tv free

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With the surge of deadly disease ebola, stay updated. You will watch the latest development from the African continent. The news read by African, the way they see it. Also greats story of achievement and progress in general.

The invasion of Chinese population in Africa.

What is a surprise today is the absence of any Chinese or Indian contaminated. The only victims are from Country involved in AID program. Most work in medical care where Asian are not interested. The only interest of Asia in Africa is economy and economy. The raw material, the fuel of African invasion. The Americans, French, Spanish work with the NGOs to help improve people life. And they are now wrecked with the deadly disease, ebola. This is just to say how life can be. The Madrid victim work in the hospital trying to save the life of a missionary. The missionary working in development in Sierra Leona with the poor. He did give his life for a better world.

Online news is now a common place both in papers and TV. All media need to cover the market created by online media. Internet media is thus a must in your media plan business. The latest high end devices allow all type of content. Watch your TV online on your smartphone or tablet. Dynamic and mobile content everywhere.

TV news to inform and educate on ebola virus

TV news to inform and educate on ebola virus

How the TV is spreading the news about the only few western contaminated by ebola virus. What you need to know about the disease show down on TV. Fiction is soon to turn out to be a nightmare. How many movies have you seen with imaginary disease. The virus is more deadly and without treatment. The TV news looks like these movies, something unrealistic.

ebola outbreak on tv news
ebola to boost homophobia

The sci-fiction thriller directed by Kinji Fukasaku, virus is an example. The ebola virus plague is now spreading uncontrollably throughout the US and Europe. In today global world the disease are like the world economy. Everything is interconnected including disease outbreak. The fear of the increase of homophobia is a real concern.

ebola share on tv news

A deadly virus like the one responsible for ebola disease is a common enemy. Africa and the western world should joined in this epic fight for a cure. Many realize just now that nobody is safe and you can get the virus in the west. It is important therefore to have all the TV news tuned in. The only vaccine available is information. Do you how you can get the disease?

A new stigmata for Africa

Now being black will mean suspect of carrying ebola virus. Many African-Americans who don’t know where Africa is will be affected. Just like African immigrants worldwide. The danger is today from immigration in my opinion for non African. You have like many Chinese and Indian working in Africa. We know China is not just Germany or Switzerland. India is not the USA or the UK. When we have a contaminated person in these giant without the modern health care. What will be the response then. We know of the high rate of death from the ebola virus. TV news in the world should inform to prevent before is too late.

immigration and ebola against africa

immigration and ebola against Africa

Why immigration with more than 3072 deaths in 2014 only is not fought like Ebola with 3083 death all together? Many African lost their lives every year trying to reach Europe. There are thousands of them who will never cross the Mediterranean sea. In the attempt to the promise land they board in small boat without life jackets. Mos can not swim and have never been close to the sea. But the desperation will boost their courage to the death. Its a big shame because it happens every year. In Spain and Italy it is seasonal just like summer and winter. can we find a vaccine for immigration to stop the deaths?

immigration and ebola
immigration and ebola

immigration and ebola

Ebola is in the other end of this spectrum of death. Here people are caught by surprise without any mean to defend themselves. most will die from the Ebola virus. Those who survive will live under constant suspicion that they can contaminate. I am only saying Ebola is one of many danger that threaten Africa. All the threat most be dealt with and it is a mistake to think that today the number one killer in Africa is Ebola virus.

ebola outbreak in west africa

ebola outbreak in west africa

ebola outbreak in west africa, is the world response appropriate? Sending troops in west africa to fight ebola? Good for the headlines anyway for the obamacare. West africa desperately need urgent assistance not a strategic move. People are dying from ebola every day and we want to send troops on the ground? when will the 3,000 troops will be going to africa? Troops are needed to fight boko haram in nigeria, to stop genocide in south sudan. What west africa need to counter the ebola outbreak is medical personnel and medicine. Always give africa all but what they need or stay away. You want the local population see you as a savior while you improve your political exposure. 3,000 troops at 200 bucks per head and day you still spend $600,000 per day!!! more than what the local government can spend on staff a month. Surely help is needed to fight the ebola virus I am not just sure we are doing the right thing at this time.ebola outbreak in west africa

ebola outbreak in west africa

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