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banana war in africa

banana war in africa

Banana is growing in more than 107 countries worldwide. The dispute is about the market shares and protectionism. South American growers said European countries were favoring bananas from their former colonies. You may ask why france for example should campaign in the EU for african banana? simple the own the companies that cultivate banana in most country. Because they own the company, european country will make sure their investment is secure provide a market and shutting down the competition from latin america. The disclose aim is to provide small country with low income from africa and the caribbean. But the unsaid plan is to make their company sale. In a way these plantation provides jobs for the local people. really? well these banana companies are in the headlines not for the best quality of the fruit. mostly for the slave tactics being used by multinational and a the threat for the locals people and the environment. the locals exposure to health risks through the application of pesticides. workers laboring on average fourteen hours a day for $48 per month salary. the expropriation of small farmers whose land would be “delivered” to the western company. the unscrupulous use of banned pesticides and fertilizer in europe. the ban of documentaries showing working conditions in the farms. the banana fruit as you can see can be a blessing for your country or a curse. The farm normally employ numerous workers which is good for the employment. when african government will start to nationalize this company? in latin america they nationalized what is for the country to make sure the nationals get the most of the benefits. In africa we sell, we give our land to others and we work as slave under the watch of our corrupt government and police. If you have any idea of how to stop the slaughter of africa please share. others might take action

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seleka centrafique: qui est aux commandes?

seleka centrafique

(“alliance” en sango, langue nationale en centrafrique) mouvement issue de plusieurs partis politiques d’oppositions. Les plus importants (UFDR) dont est issue leur chef Michel Djotodia, le (CPJP) de noureddine adam et Charles Massi, le (FDPC) de Abdoulaye Miskine et d’autres partis. Le tarzan des temps modernes, Michel Djotodia, depuis son arrivé au pouvoir n’arrive pas à asseoir son autorité.  Un chef chrétien à la tête des combattants musulmans. C’est donc comprehensible que la seleka centrafique refuse de rendre les armes. Comment assoir l’autorité de l’état quant tes combattants continuent a commettre les exactons sur la population? et les pays voisins? au cameroun par ou transite tes importations  et exportations reclame tes combattants pour meutre avec des fermetures de poste frontalier. La centrafrique tout comme le Tchad sont enclavés et reçoivent l’essentiel de leurs échanges maritime par le port de douala au cameroun.

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seleka centrafique

Avec le président déchu François Bozizé en exil les combattants rebels avec la main mise sur les populations la centrafrique sombre peu à peu dans le chaos. Comment comprendre les investisseurs de la destabilisation africaine. Quels sont les soutient financiers de la seleka centrafique? les ingerences et la responsabilité des pays voisins base arrière de toute rebelion? Auront nous une autre somalie en afrique centrale? Les ressources minières vont elles etre comme ailleurs la sentence de la centrafrique? Tant sont les questions a ce jour que nous voulons repondre.  Cést notre responsabilité comme africain de comprendre qui se joue de nous et dans quel but. Notre sous sol attire des convoitises et maintenat plus que jamais les puissants de la planète se partagent le continent. Faute de guerre mondiale et avec la periode post colonial en perte de vitesse. il faut bien trouver d’autres moyens de control sur les dirigeants africains. La chine, l’Inde, le Pakistan et autres encore avec la globalization menace les accords issue de la colonisation.
Et vous por ou contre la seleka centrafique?

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African movies can be found online. Little do many Americans know, but there is a growing culture of Nigerian news and movies. You can now watch television online which discusses the plight and issues relevant to the real Africa. Movies are the gateway to a new media revolution which brings unique online movie experiences to people around the world. Finding African movies online has become easier than ever. Now native Africans who may have transplanted to other countries can keep up with the latest developments back home. It is no longer necessary to sacrifice staying involved in the situations at home with moving on to other areas.

Whether it is a documentary, a short film, or a full length feature, African movies can be found and enjoyed by anyone. Documentaries can bring knowledge to the audience about different situations and bring conscious awareness to the dangers involved. They can also provide proposed solutions for an issue and the best way to help. Regardless of the subject, documentaries as well as pure entertainment movies can express the colorful diversity and richness of African culture. Those who have not experienced can learn: how people dress; the dance performances in different villages; and the preparation and significance of native meals.

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African movies serve as cultural exposition. Video programs can provide inspiration through the conveying of life stories about holding onto dreams. The news from Africa is provided by many different networks just like the rest of the world. You can stay apprised of different situations. African Radio and TV commercials appeal to a wide range of local consumers. There are so many qualities of African movies which are just waiting to be discovered. Imagination, aspirations and various forms of entertainment can be explored through the ever improving quality of the movies made in Africa. online cinema