run guide for fitness, walking health

run guide for fitness, walking health

Why we wrote this guide?
run, walking, fitness contribute strongly to our health condition. Where naturally people used to do all these activities every day. Today with the change to sedentary life we all tend to do less physical activities. For healthy life, good body fit, social fun. Much have been said on the physical activities link with healthy life. Because it is important we taught it can be said more times and get to more people.

Who this guide is for?
We wrote this guide for anyone trying to improve as a person through physical exercise. For those of who thinking this is like climbing Everest and you will never make it. We want you to know it is possible and are eager to show you how we and other people started running or walking with our tips.

How much of this guide should I read?
Because we made this guide in sequences, its better read from cover-to-cover. Chapters are orderly linked. The method used here is step by step to the ultimate goal, the habit of regular physical exercise. off-course you are free to jump to a different chapter if you are doing exercise but just want to enrich your knowledge in a specific chapter.

run guide for fitness, walking health

Chapter One health
The easy way to start is to get the habit of exercise. Like a patient takes pills at particular time every par a sickness, we should find time for physical daily exercise. Health is the main issue for grown up men and women and physical exercise its corner stone. You should exercise according to your health condition, gender, age … At the beginning it is normal to feel weak after exercise, any other activity is hard at the beginning. If you have health issue you should talk this with your doctor who will be very happy to know you are doing healthy exercise. Your physician will also advice you on the time best for you and the duration of the exercises. Your health will be the first element you notice, as the change of feeling will be so intense. You will also notice other changes like the way you socialize and get along in life

Chapter two
Activities are a social connector in society. Now you decided to start your physical exercise, you will find people around you doing the same activity. I have friend from my gymnasium and people say hello to me regularly when I walk. Nobody will like to live in a lonely planet we like to be around people and when we say hello or they say hello to us we have the good feeling. Our day is brighten and we tend to act positive from that time. The society is changing with the online boom, we reach the people thousands of miles away but cannot say hello to a neighbor. Be pleasant when you go out for exercise, when you meet people and they notice you say hello. Its free! Join group of people like you to do the activity. I have friends for my weekly walks, friend for my runs as well. People I would never have met without doing my exercise. It is more excite to practice in group and you can share views on any topic while doing your workout.

chapter three
We are in a different era and there is no need to walk miles to go to work. The down side is the machines and vehicles are taking away the natural physical activity people used to do. Our body shape and weight is a medical issue today, because the food is abundant and we can’t find a way to burn out all the energy taken in. Our daily physical activity will take the burden away. Our mobility will increase which is the number one condition for health. We will like our body, and not hate it. We will eat without danger of over weight almost everything. So why still wait, lets get started today. First chose the right time for you…

run guide for fitness, walking health

Chapter four walk
Walking is a basic movement we use every day. Walking exercise is just the increment we make in a number of daily steps. You might need 20 steps to get from your bed to the kitchen, while 1 hour walk will earn you thousands of steps. Find a nice place near your home or your work place with flat terrain, straight path or any other suitable place of your choice. Remember it should be around you to avoid the excuses you might use later, too far, no time …
-wear suitable walking shoes. The footwear is important to avoid foot injury
-find a park near your home or work. Most cities park are flat and you don’t have traffic from cars
-indoor you can use treadmill set at slow speed
After a sedentary period you need to start out with shorter distance and time. Be specific on your target and write your goals in notebook or diary. Say you start 30 minutes twice or 3 times a week. you should progressively move to 60 minutes after a month of exercise.
Like in all your daily task, you need a strong mental attitude. You can’t give up on walking. If you need music to keep you entertained while you are walking get a music player. Let your mind roll freely about stuff that are going on your life.
Because you need hydration as car need fuel, drink water before you start exercise. You can carry a small bottle of water at hand always throughout your exercise, and hydrate anytime needed. Locate a bathroom somewhere you can ease yourself in case you need it.
Your walk should be divided in two if you are walking in a long track, so will be your time too. You walk 15 minutes from point A to point B, you will need another 15 minutes to walk back to point A. So keep this in mind and avoid being stranded with no strength to walk back.


chapter five run
Running is the simplest and cheapest sports available out there. It is also a natural sport. As babies we croll, walk and then run. The moment they can run, kids run for everything. Its a way of life we carry in our gene, children run for fun. Running is also among the physical activities we can do everywhere, at anytime.
First get a good pair of running shoes, and clothing suitable for running condition. Remember the shoes have to be comfortable for walking, not necessarily expensive. Leave those expensive sports shoes for professionals.
Stretching is an important part of your run. Stretch before and after exercise to warm up your muscles before stressing them and to release after.
Start slow, and time short to build up. You will avoid injury and pain by increasing gradually. In general you should start walking before moving to running. Walk for 2 minutes and run for one. This will help you alternate and recover your breath while walking. You will increase the running time gradually by 30 seconds when you find yourself comfortable. The overall time should not be more than 20 minutes at the beginning. Time will be increasing as your body respond. If you run out of breath, stop and reduce your running time. Remember baby run for fun, so should you.
Reserve time for your run weekly. Two to three times per week will always be enough for beginners. You don’t need to rush as you are planning to do this for a long period. Your first goal should be like jogging for 20 minutes, make it easy. You need confidence if you are to keep the habit and have fun while you practice.
Everybody have different condition, some people will prefer to run in the park. Other in the streets or on the treadmill. Chose what option is better for you and start running.
Among your friends you surely have someone who will like to run with you. If you don’t when you get started you will find people around you who want to join you. You will develop new friendships for your daily runs. You will change your life, by living a healthy lifestyle through exercise. The benefits will be endless, new friends (real friends around you), energetic, good body shape you will be proud of.
The prime concern of adult life is health, and physical exercise is a good personal health monitor.

run guide for fitness, walking health

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