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TV links for all African Channels on Muntu Network.

You can watch live African TV on your Roku and your Iphone. You can watch live African TV on your Roku and your Iphone or any mobile device. News and African culture live from the black continent. News cast in local languages and western languages. Why learn a new invented language from tv show? In Africa they speak thousand of different languages on TV.

Listen to news cast here in Hausa language TV hausa roku . All of it in Muntu Network the mecca of

African Television on roku

african tv roku. What are the major spoken language on television in Africa? Hausa or Swahili? and in African movies?

For me I will rather study Chinese for the growing impact of China. The economy is power not a TV show invented language. High Valerian you name it? well Bassa which is close to my roots anyway. That is just me and you are free to make your choice. The Ottoman empire created the actual spoken language in the modern Turkey. It was a clear move to split from the Arab muslim world. With the technology growing so fast we strive to even reduce the language in our communication. Tweets have a limited words and we still reduce words when sending messages. On TV with reality we mix these culture with others. The mixture created a rich outcome and walk home viewers to remote area of the planet. So remote as Africa can be seen by people in the west.

    CRTV cameroon Television Station
    Ait African international Television
    NTA Nigerian Television Authority
    RTNC Télé RD Congo
    RTI Television Ivoirienne
    Africa24 African News
    Afrique Media television, informations africaines en continues

Let’s focus on the television of Africa for African news. The Nigerian reporters cast best the local news. Because of the local interaction with the population. Reading the news on TV is like taking part on the TV news. Today a must for the reporter and insider. Know your audience before hand is a must in journalism. Thus Africa news by Africans. What a joy that make for African migrants.

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